February 2018
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The Leverage Academy Advisory team provides capital raising and consulting services to middle market businesses & non-profit organizations. In addition to assisting in the business planning phase, the team provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and financiers at all stages of a project's life cycle. The team also specializes in Valuations, Fairness opinions, and Capital raising for transactions with enterprise values between $5 and $100 million.

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Student Testimonials from Fall 2009: Post-Lehman Brothers, during the worst of the recent recession!


"Studying at Leverage Academy is a great opportunity to learn from very intelligent industry professionals who spent years to acquire the knowledge and wisdom they have. The faculty is genuinely interested in the success of its students and will go out of their way to enhance the value of the students to recruiters.

If a student is looking to pursue a career in finance, Ishar's class will definitely help him or her get there."

Sam – HSBC Investment Banking

“This is a class unlike any other which offers students a chance to learn something thoroughly over the course of ten weeks that companies would rush them through in 2-day training programs. I believe it is a must-take class for anybody who is serious about working at an Investment Bank or Private Equity company because the knowledge and skills you gain will give you a leg up on your competition.”


Kush – Citigroup London


"LA provides its members with insightful knowledge which truly set them apart no matter the school they come from. I learned more about finance in two classes more than I learned in a semester of corporate finance at school. Two classes make a knowledgeable student. Four make a banker. All eight make a rock-star."

Jeff – Macquarie, CICC

“This class prepared me so well for my interviews for leveraged finance, that by the end, my superiors joked that I knew more than them about fixed income securities.”

Russ – Royal Bank of Canada