February 2018
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The Leverage Academy Advisory team provides capital raising and consulting services to middle market businesses & non-profit organizations. In addition to assisting in the business planning phase, the team provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and financiers at all stages of a project's life cycle. The team also specializes in Valuations, Fairness opinions, and Capital raising for transactions with enterprise values between $5 and $100 million.

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  • ICE The Market


    ICE the Market, LLC (ITM) was founded in October of 2010 to educate the beginner investor and provide material business and market news to the aspiring financial professional. Giuseppe and Eric strongly believe that anyone can take control of their financial future and manage their own money, and ITM is here to make everyone realize that. The firm's news publication, both internally published articles and those from external professional media, will help the day to day investor gather pertinent information. ITM also encourages individuals to connect from all over to discuss various investment and business related topics; because after all, two ideas are always better than one. Ultimately, ITM will serve as a one-stop-shop for your daily fill of investment related news.

  • Bull & Bears


    The Bulls & Bears is the most widely distributed collegiate publication of any kind. It is distributed electronically to investment, finance, and business clubs at over 60 universities around the world. The publication, which is released weekly, includes market news, top stories, financial articles, profiles of financial leaders, investment analysis, and more. The subscription to the publication is completely free. The Bulls & Bears is written by college students for college students. The Bulls & Bears was founded by students Krishan Wanchoo and Dylan Ozmore at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the fall of 2007. Initially, the publication was solely distributed to students in the Undergraduate Investment Club at CMU. College students have very busy schedules and are often unable to read the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. The Bulls & Bears solves this problem by serving as a great way to educate and inform students on the important financial news of the week.

  • Masters in Finance HQ

    The Masters in Finance HQ website was founded by a recent graduate of the MSF program at Vanderbilt and is best guide our team has seen for students looking to break into investment banking from Masters programs. It provides class profiles and useful links for both students applying to these programs and those looking for exit opportunities after graduating.

  • Seeking Alpha

    Many of Leverage Academy's instructors write articles for SeekingAlpha.com, discussing private equity trends, the capital markets, and investments. Seeking Alpha is the premier website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, and vibrant, intelligent finance discussion. The team handpicks articles from the world's top market blogs, money managers, financial experts and investment newsletters - publishing approximately 250 articles daily. Seeking Alpha gives a voice to over 3000 contributors, providing access to the nation's most savvy and inquisitive investors. The site is the only free, online source for over 1,500 public companies' quarterly earnings call transcripts, including the S&P 500.

Affiliate with Leverage Academy. We encourage new and innovate financial start-ups related to digital distribution, online education, investing, and the capital markets. For many of our affiliates we also participate in marketing agreements, where we establish monthly and annual contracts and pay for their marketing services.

For more information about the Leverage Academy Affiliate Program, please e-mail info@leverageacademy.com with the title "Affiliate Program" in the header.